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Socialization BINGO!

Join in the fun this April and play BINGO with TheTreat!


One hour training session with Jennifer**

$100 gift card to Chewy

I and Love and You treats and chews - 1 bag of ear candy (5 count), 1 bag of Cow Boom! Beef Strips, 1 bag of Nice Jerky! - Chicken and Duck treats

**Training session with Jennifer will be in-person if the winner is within 20 miles of TheTreat, if outside a 20-mile radius the session will be held virtually

How to Play

- Choose an activity from the BINGO board

- Take a picture of your dog doing the activity

- Post it on Instagram or Facebook and tag TheTreat!*

- Each activity is an entry to win the Grand Prize

- BINGO! If you get BINGO (five activities in a row), you will get TEN entries to win the Grand Prize

- There will be one winner randomly chosen

*Email entries allowed if you do not have a Facebook or Instagram account (


Entries can be submitted from April 1, 2021, at 12:01am EDT - April 30, 2021 at 11:59pm EDT

There will be one winner randomly chose and announced on May 1, 2021

Open to all dog owners in the United States

Note from Jennifer

Socialization is all about creating a positive experience for your dog as you expose them to new elements. Quality is so much more important than quantity. Socialization helps a dog feel calm, comfortable, and confident as they encounter new things.

As you explore this month, pay attention to your dog to see how they respond during the activities. Do they look nervous? Are they over-excited? Are they paying attention to you? Building confidence, staying calm, responsiveness, and more are all things you can work on over time.

During the month, notice where your dog is with all these aspects of socialization, and at the end of the month, set some training goals for the summer. If you ever have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. Have some fun and get out of the house; the pandemic will be over soon!

Thanks for playing,


Disclaimer: By submitting an entry, you are entering into an agreement with TheTreat App, LLC. Participant agrees to accept full responsibility for any damages the dog may cause or may suffer during the activities conducted for the participation of the game and holds TheTreat App, LLC and its agents and employees harmless and free from any liability. Participant agrees that the TheTreat App, LLC may use photographs of the dogs for promotional or educational purposes. TheTreat App, LLC has a right to refuse training to the winner.


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