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5 Reasons to Hire a Dog Walker That You Didn't Think Of

The most common reason people hire a dog walker is they work all day outside of the home. A dog walker comes to take the dog on a walk, release some energy, let the dog go to the bathroom and check their water.

It is time to get creative! There are so many other great reasons to hire a dog walker, ones that benefit you as a dog owner and your dog.


This is actually the number one reason I hire my own dog walkers! My dog, Max, has benefited a lot from other people coming to the home and taking him on a walk. For a dog who is quite attached to his owners, his confidence has grown and he has a positive experience with different people.

The first time someone came to walk Max, he had trouble leaving the driveway because he was nervous. Now he is running out the door before the walker even gets out the car!

dog walker
Your dog can form a new relationship with his dog walker!


Let the walkers take your dog out in the cold, wet, salty, snowy, muddy weather. Don't feel bad. They love spending the time with your dog no matter the weather.

dog walk
We will walk your dog in the rain!


If you're still training your dog to stay off the kids, you can use a walk as a way to separate the kids and dog. There are just some activities like building forts and playing drums and water balloon fights that don't need dogs in the mix. But they don't have to miss out, they can have their own fun!

You can also use the walk as a way to tire your dog out so they have less energy while playing with your kids and are more likely to come to you and chill on their outdoor dog bed.

Some of our savviest dog owners use walkers as a way to remove the dog from really busy time (and sometimes stressful times!) like when the kids are getting ready for school or just coming off the bus.

Injury or Illness

Is there anything better than snuggling with a dog when you're feeling under the weather?! Is there anything worse than a dog squeaking a toy at you for hours when you're feeling under the weather?!

Feel good about giving your dog some energy release while you recover, knowing you'll be back to give them your love and attention when you are back to feeling 100%.

dog walker
Walk your puppy so your older dog can rest and be more tolerant!

New Puppy, Older Brother or Sister

If you get a second dog, you will quickly find out your dogs have different schedules and needs. The older dog needs rest, the puppy needs more exercise, the puppy rests for shorter times, the older dog gets tired after playtime.

A walker can help you create separation between the two dogs. Separation will help the older dog get rest. Rest will allow your dog to be tolerant of the new puppy and give him extra energy to play more. It will also help create independence so your dogs can behave well when they are separated. Two dogs have a way of creating a bond where they get nervous when separated; you can teach them to engage in activities separately.

TheTreat offers 30 and 60 minute walks every day of the week! Take a break, go out for the afternoon, and book a walk knowing your dog will have a positive experience and get some stimulation.

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