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A dog's Christmas: What's Under the Christmas Tree for Max?

Max is very good at Christmas. He loves to get presents! He meanders right through the children and finds his toys and treats and destroys every piece of tissue paper in his way.

Christmas dog
Minnie did not get harmed while Max enjoyed his new Christmas toys!!

I put together a list of Max's Christmas presents while I bought them, so you could get shop like me and your dog can play - and eat! - like Max. I broke down the list into different sections, starting with the toy that they love to destroy!

The Replacement Toy

Outward Hound Gator - This toy is ordered again every time it is destroyed. And, yes, it gets destroyed. But, Max loves it. It has about 20 squeakers in it, therefore he loves it. It has about 20 squeakers in it, therefore, it gets destroyed. It has about 20 squeakers in it, therefore, I have to supervise and find the squeakers. All can be true! It's the holidays! L:et's make Max happy and get his favorite, easily destroyed, a little anxiety driven toy!

Dog Toys

Nylabone Strong Chew Dog Bone - Max isn't the biggest chewer but, with all dogs, he gets into a mood and he wants to chew so I always have a few hard chew toys in his toy basket for him.

Chuck It Fetch Ball - Max's favorite thing to do outside is play soccer and I am here for it. He gets so tired sprinting around the yard with a ball in his mouth and this Chuck It Ball makes it easy for him to get a good grip.

dog christmas
Max's first Christmas

Nina Ottoson Lickin' Layers - I really like Nina Ottoson puzzles. Max has a few variations of this puzzle and it is my go to for cold, rainy and lazy days to ensure Max gets his mental stimulation for the day.

Trixie Windmill Puzzle Game - I am so happy I found these again! I used to have these for my first dog and then Nina Ottoson Puzzle Games really took over for me, but I am going to give these a shot again. Since it is new for Max, I am going to start at Level 1. You know me, build off success :)

Zippy Paws Hide and Seek Toy - I love these toys! I like them because kids can stuff the toys, you can hide the toys in different places around the house, and dog really enjoy digging their noses into the toy. And, now the have a sleigh! And, gingerbread men! How cute. I love it.

dog christmas
Zippy Paws has the best burrow toys.

Everyday Essentials

This is a great time of year to buy some of the things your dog needs for every day life like a new dog bed, jacket or blanket. If you aren't in the habit of brushing their teeth, start with a pack of Greenies and then make it a goal for 2024 to brush their teeth (Toothbrush and Toothpaste Kit).

You can replace your leash and even get a long leash to mix up your walks or prepare for off leash training for 2024.

Embark DNA Kit: A DNA kit is a great way to better understand your dog. The breed information helps you make decisions about how to exercise your dog, provides insight into common behaviors, and can be passed to your vet to help them make good decisions about caring for your dog.

Sticks and Chews

I and Love and You Bully Sticks - My dogs have had a lot of bully sticks in the years. Dogs like to chew, so these are great to have on hand. I like that these don't smell, don't make Max's breath smell, and don't bother his stomach.

I and Love and You Gullet Sticks - these are a quick chew. You don't want your dogs chewing for hours. Even though it is nice for them to be quiet, it is like a kid watching tv for 8 hours. This is a good reward and a few minutes of chewing.

Turkey Tendons - Max is obsessed. They don't last long so they are good bone for a quick redirect or after you put your dog in the kennel.

Yak Himalyan Cheese - Stocking stuffer!

dog christmas
Treats for Santa... not Max!


Stella and Chewy Beef Heart - These are my off leash training treats. They are delicious and high value for Max. When he comes to me in the middle of the woods, I am happy to give him a treat!

Orijen Freeze Dried Dog Treats - there are a bunch of freeze fried treats out there but I (and Max) like the high protein cominations in these. With most treats, I like limited ingredients and high value protein to entice a dog.

Vital Essentials Freeze Dried Salmon - see more freeze dried! I know some of your doggies out there will do commands for the salmon!

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and enjoy snuggles with your dog!

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