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Puppy Socials

Socialization + Supervision = Positive Play Time!


Treat your dog to some playtime! An hour of playtime in a big, open backyard. Fences are used to divide groups of dogs.

Puppy socials are separated by age: puppy socials for puppies less than 8 months old and puppy socials for dogs older than 8 months old.

Supervised by trainers at TheTreat to ensure your dog has a positive experience and is learning good socialization skills.

Does your Dog Need Extra Help Socializing?

Maybe you just brought a dog home and you don't know how he or she behaves around other dogs. Maybe you feel like it's too late for your dog to make friends. Maybe you are nervous of your dog around other dogs because of his or her past. 

Add on training to receive extra attention during a Puppy Social to ensure your dog has a positive experience around other dogs. *available for Puppy Social for Dogs only


With additional training, you will have the opportunity to work on:

- building confidence for you and your dog 

- reading the signs of your dog

- creating a positive experience for your dog

Check out the fun!

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