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Dog Training

Personalized Dog Training

What to Expect when Training with TheTreat

In Home Dog Training

Meet in your home, where your dog is most comfortable. Sessions are 45 minutes long and are concept driven.  Everyone can participate to ensure consistency. Kids can be included in training.


Don't just use treats, understand how to use your dog's strongest motivator! We'll set you up for success to know when, how and why to use treats for getting behaviors you want.

Concept Driven

Learn, understand and practice concepts such as luring and control. Apply commands and behaviors to those concepts so you know how to teach behaviors after training ends.


Minimizing unwanted behaviors requires a strong focus on not reinforcing such behaviors. We help create and implement management techniques to ensure your training is consistent and effective.


Learn about techniques for exposing your dog to this big wide world! Learn about how to raise confident dogs and minimize stress.


Discuss topics that are important to you. Ask questions and get answers. Something not working? We will collaborate on new techniques that work for you.

Personalized Training Pricing and Packages

One Session


Good for starting your training journey, working on a particular behavior, or simply asking questions about your progress

Three Sessions


Good for dogs who have a behavior or two that will take some training to address, for example jumping or leash walking

Six Sessions


Good for puppies or new dogs to the household

Train general obedience behaviors

Discuss common dog ownership topics like house training and mouthing

Distracted Training Class

4 weeks of advanced training with distractions

Each week is a one hour dog training session

Sessions are held in small groups of 3 dogs with their dog owners

We will work on social skills at each session

Week 1

Meet your dog where they are

This week is about finding success for all the known commands in a distracted environment.


Your dog will also learn a new skill: settle.

Week 2

Own a dog that comes to you!

This week is about practicing the difficult skill of coming when called in distracted environments.

Your dog will also practice saying greeting people with proper manners (i.e. not jumping!)

Week 3

Walk by distractions with confidence

This week is about leash walking. The hardest thing about leash walking is the lack of control and practice opportunities. Not any more!


Your dog will also practice stay while the other dogs are walking. 

Week 4

Let's see how you've done!

This week will repeat finding success for all the known commands to see the progress made.

You will also practice obedience while your dog is playing with others.


Say Hi to Some Pups!

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