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Dog Sitting
The ultimate Staycation for your dog

For those trips when your dog isn't invited

A note from Jennifer:

I created this dog sitting offer with my dog, Max, at the forefront of my mind. I want to offer something to my clients that I would use for my own dog.


Max, like a lot of dogs, thrives on routine, needs plenty of rest, and would be stressed in a boarding situation. When you go away on vacation, your dog will notice the change, but if we can keep his schedule as close to normal as possible and include all the ingredients of a good day, we can minimize the stress endured by your dog while you are away.

When you sign up for dog sitting with TheTreat, I will personally be involved in your dog's care to ensure your dog is as comfortable as possible.

Thank you for trusting us with your dog. Go enjoy your time away!


How it Works

Book Online

Go to the Online Booking Page and Choose between Dog Sitting and Dog Sitting and Training. You can even do a combination of the two services for the days you're away!

Add the Details

Work with Jennifer to ensure your dog's day is a good mix of stimulation, rest and care. Based on how long your dog can be alone, how much energy they have, and how many potty breaks they need, I will create their schedule.

Enjoy your Trip!

Receive regular updates with pictures, training videos, and more so you know how your dog is doing while you are away. Our dog walkers will shower your dog with affection, release that energy, and reinforce your boundaries.

Pricing Options

Dog Sitting

$125 / Day

Leave your pup at home for play, rest, affection, and comfort.

Includes an overnight stay and walks throughout the day.

Dog Sitting and Training

$150 / Day

The ultimate staycation for your dog. A day full of physical stimulation, mental stimulation and rest. 

Includes an overnight stay, walks during day, and a private training session in your home with Jennifer

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