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Dog Walking
Caring, Stimulating and Loving your Pup When You're Away

TheTreat At Your Home, Even When Can't Be!

30 minute walk

High energy dog walkers focused on stimulating your dog mentally and physically

Request activities such as walking on a long leash, playing soccer or training

Rest your mind knowing your dog will get love, affection, and reinforce good behaviors!

Pricing Options

One Walk


Good for days out of the house longer than usual

Good for confidence building for nervous pups to meet new people

Good for days when the family plays and the dog can stay home and rest

Five Walks


Good for people who need dog walking once a week for work or school conflicts

Good for weeks that look different than the normal week

Monthly Membership

$200 / Month

Good for busy dog parents 

Book an unlimited number of walks every month - that's right, unlimited walks!

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