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Dog Walking
Caring, Stimulating and Loving your Pup When You're Away

TheTreat At Your Home, Even When Can't Be!

30 or 60 minute walk

High energy dog walkers focused on stimulating your dog mentally and physically

Request activities such as walking on a long leash, playing soccer or training

Rest your mind knowing your dog will get love, affection, and reinforce good behaviors!

Advance Your Dog's Leash Walking with Training


Walk and Train

60 minute leash walking training sessions

5 sessions in a week to ensure practice, consistency and routine

Shape or reshape walking behaviors to ensure an enjoyable experience for all

Leash walking is one of the hardest commands for dogs.


They have to control every desire to smell, mark, walk fast, walk sideways, say hi to friends, scare off squirrels, and everything else they want to do!

A week of dedicated training can make a difference in shaping and reshaping leash walking behaviors.  

Good For...

Dogs who pull

Dogs who get distracted easily

Nervous dogs

New dogs to the household

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