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Chew it Up: Bones for Your Teething Puppy

Those puppy teeth are sharp! What do you do when your puppy is biting? Because it hurts! Puppy teething is so long when you are in it. It isn't until about 5 1/2 months old that the baby teeth fall out and the adult teeth grow in. After that time, you are out of puppy teething! But while you are in it, you will need some good chews to address your puppy's need to soothe their gums and urge to explore the world with their mouth.

puppy teething

Limited Ingredients

One big thing these products all have common is limited ingredients. Chews count as calories during the day so I want your dog to take in healthy calories with protein, limited fillers, and ingredients that are easy on the stomach.

Time to Eat

As with any age dog, I recommend about 15 minutes of chewing time. It is a good amount of time to appease their natural urge to chew without them being fixated on something. Think about a child watching television, one or two shows is good but eight hours of television create a zombie! We don't need a dog chewing on a bone for an hour, they are fixated and determined instead of enjoying the chew and moving on to a new activity.

When to Give to Your Puppy

As with all treats, you should give a teething stick to your puppy when they need it. You'll know when they need it! You'll need it when they are losing their mind, you are busy and you need to manage their behavior.

When you manage the behavior of biting, you create an environment where your puppy can NOT bite you. That might look like time in a crate or playpen, you going to another room, or you occupying them while you do something else.

For example, you are cooking dinner and your puppy wants to eat your legs. You are trying to shoo them away but they keep coming back! You do not want to reinforce the biting by talking at them, kicking your legs, or giving them a toy. You want them to stop biting your leg! This is a time to give them a teething ring on their bed or on a mat close-by. Training win: this is a also a great way to create a routine for what you expect of your dog while you are cooking, to rest on a bed.

Puppy teething requires training, teething and management techniques to ensure an adult dog with adult teeth has learned to NOT use their mouth on humans.

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