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Holiday Gift Guide

I am always hoping someone will create a remote control squirrel that runs around the backyard so Max can chase it for hours, but for now, below are the toys and gifts that Max is more than happy to receive for the holidays. I hope they help with your holiday shopping!

  1. GoDog Furballz: Plush toys don’t stand a chance in this house but this toy has been around for years. I like that it is a larger ball so when kids play, they aren’t going into the dogs’ mouths reaching for a small ball.

  2. Treats: My sister always brings these treats when she comes over so my dogs like her the most. There are so many local stores, treats are a great opportunity to shop local and support small businesses. Boston Barkery makes delicious treats right here in Massachusetts.

  3. Puzzle Toys: Nina Ottosson by Outward Hound has reliable puzzle toys. I always try and go a step harder than I think Max can handle so he doesn’t get bored within two seconds or by the third time seeing it. He currently does the tornado puzzle during puppy socials :)

  4. West Paw Toy: This is Max’s favorite outdoor toy! It is awesome for fetch, hasn’t gotten so much as a dent in it after a year of tugging and retrieving, and it really flies!

  5. Harness: Sometimes I feel like I am always buying new things for my dog - replacing an old collar, getting long leashes, etc. Instead of buying only toys and treats, I also use their holiday budget to buy some of the things they need.

  6. Bones: If you’re wondering if the bones you see are good for your dog, this takes a lot of thought out of it. These won’t entertain for hours but Max says they are delicious.

  7. Friends Forever Dog Bed: Like all of you, Max went through a dog or two when he was a puppy, but this one is a keeper. It is durable enough that your puppy can get a bite or two in without ruining it. It has lasted us a few years now. It is also comfortable for long hours of sleeping, this is where Max sleeps at night :)

  8. Donate to a Shelter: There seems to be no shortage of puppies but everyone is a little more cautious of how they are spending their money and shelters are feeling the effects of it. Consider replacing a toy with a donation to a shelter to help them during this time.

  9. LickiMat: I use these for all types of activities - giving Max a bath, entertaining him when I am busy and he wants attention, I even hide medicine in it. On days when a lot is going on and you’re thinking that the dog didn’t get as much attention as usual, you can whip up a concoction of foods that they like and give them something they’ll enjoy.

  10. Hard Toys: When your puppy gets to about six months, those fluffy toys start to go faster and faster; so, it is time to buy some hard toys! BullyMake toys are pricey but they last!

I hope you find some toys that excite and entertain your pup, but they’ll be happy no matter what because they’re with you. Happy holidays to all!


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