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Question of the Week: What Treats Do I Use for Puppies?!

Do I want to talk about treats?! Does a dog chase its own tail?! Of course I want to talk about treats!

Let's cut right to the chase. These are my favorite puppy treats to use while training.

puppy treats

Pros: Soft for puppy teeth

Easily breakable for smaller treat rewards

Great combination of protein for extra motivation

puppy treats

Pros: Ingredients are all easy to read

Can break one treat into 4-6 mini treats for even more training!

Storage container helps keep treats fresh and easy access for training opportunities

puppy treats

Pros: Extra enticing for dogs

Quality ingredients you can feel good about

Easy to bring on the go

Notes about treats:

- Make sure to rip/cut your treats into small pea-sized pieces. This will allow you to practice commands while being responsible about calorie intake.

- You can also use or mix kibble into your training if your dog is motivated. Again, this will allow you to practice commands repeatedly without worrying too much about calories.

Treat reminder: Treats are your tool to get your dog to do a behavior you want, when you want them to do it. Use them wisely!

Training reminder: You only need to train about 10 minutes a day to teach behaviors. During that ten minutes, you are working on teaching new commands, advancing known commands, and randomizing treats. Then you are using treats during 2-3 training opportunities per day. These opportunities are your time to practice your training in real life.

Happy training!

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