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Training Exercise: Playtime with Couch Cushions


Lure your dog on, around, and through couch cushions.

What you will need:

- treats 

- couch cushions or pillows

Why do it:

Luring is a form of communication. We use the treat as a tool to get the dog to go where we want them to go. We use luring for teaching commands like leash walking, off and down; and we use luring as a tool for commands like drop it and leave it.

This is a good game for stimulating your dog inside during cold and rainy days. Nervous dogs get an extra benefit from being on a new surface and getting comfortable with falling cushions.

How to Play

Step 1: Lure your dog on the cushion.

Step 2: Lure your dog over the cushion.

Step 3: Go through two cushions.

Step 4: Go around the cushion.

Step 5: Make pretend stairs.

Exercise Notes:

-If your dog has a hard time going onto the new surface, meet them where they are at and then reward progress. Meaning, say yes when they get one paw on the cushion, and then the next time say yes when they get two paws on the cushion. You might not be able to do all of the tricks on day one.

- To make the game more challenging, replace the luring with pointing.

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