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TheTreat Dog Training

Personalized Puppy and Dog Training 

Dog Training in Your Home is Quite The Treat
What to Expect When Training with TheTreat 

Private Training

Training sessions are held in your own home. The dog is most comfortable and in the simplest environment to learn new commands or work on unwanted behaviors. It also allows all household members to participate if desired. Each training session is 45 minutes long and used as efficiently as possible.


We follow the principles of positive reinforcement to train and shape behavior. We teach you to create and look for opportunities to reward good behavior and prevent unwanted behavior. And, yes, you'll be using treats! But, you'll learn how to use them effectively as they are your dog's strongest motivation, and therefore, our most valuable tool!


During a session, you can expect to learn new commands and feel comfortable knowing how to advance commands between sessions. You will also have plenty of opportunities to ask all types of dog ownership questions so you know how to navigate challenges like a pro!

When you want to take your dog to the breweries, go for walks off leash, and have visitors over, you'll need to take your training to the next level! 

This four week class is training with distractions in a controlled scenario so you can find success and continue to advance skills. Practice come, leash walking, stay and more!

Follow TheTreat for Training Tips and At-Home Fun

Additional Services

Dog Walking

High energy dog walkers

Physically and mentally stimulate your dog while you're away

Feel at ease knowing your dog is cared for while you are away

30 or 60 minute visits

Buy one walk, a package or a monthly membership

Dog Sitting

Overnight stay in your home while you're away

Keep your dog in your home to minimize disruption to their schedule and anxiety

Combine with walks and training to ensure your dog is cared for, exercised, and mentally stimulated all day!

Puppy Socials

One hour of play time supervised by TheTreat

For all dogs - big and small, nervous and excited, all are welcome!

Add on training for dogs who have difficulty socializing with other dogs

Located at TheTreat in North Framingham

Meet Jennifer


The Dog Owner's Dog Trainer

I approach dog training in as fun, manageable, and challenging way as possible. You have a vision for how you want your dog to fit into your life and I want to help you make that vision come to life. 

As a mother of two boys, I know that you have a lot going on and dog training is only a part of your responsibilities. I aim to provide you with the knowledge and confidence to train your dog in an effective yet efficient way. I give you real tips and advice, impactful exercises, and management techniques so you can curb unwanted behavior and relish in desirable behavior.

What Puppy Graduates Say About THeTreat

Frankie and Georgie

The one-on-one sessions provided us weekly opportunities to work on specific things with our puppy. She is extremely
knowledgeable and also open to working on skills and tools you are hoping to develop with your dog.


Jennifer's training method/sessions has made my puppy one of the most well behaved puppies in our neighborhood!!  Her short 30 min sessions and positive reinforcement truly helped train my puppy.


Knowing the "why" behind the positive reinforcement training method really helped us better understand the training process. Jennifer always reiterated the importance of consistency and accuracy during training, and it most definitely made a positive impact on our dog's progress!

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