TheTreat Dog Training

Dog Training In Your Home is Quite a Treat

In Home Training

Training sessions are held in your own home. The dog is most comfortable and in the simplest environment to learn new commands. It also allows all household members to participate if desired. 


Every dog, owner and environment is different; and we tailor training sessions accordingly. The commands we introduce, the pace at which we go through them, and the topics discussed are driven by you and your dog.


We follow the principles of positive reinforcement in order to train and shape behavior. We teach you to create and look for opportunities to reward good behavior and deter unwanted behavior. Get those treats ready!


Owning a dog can be as challenging as it is rewarding. We help address all types of dog ownership questions such as house training, living with children, brushing teeth, socializing, and more! 

Short Sessions

Each training session is about thirty minutes long. Dogs (and people!) can give you their attention for a short period of time. We use that time efficiently to introduce concepts that you feel comfortable using every day.

Puppy Socials

Socializing your dog to new environments, people and dogs is so important to help him feel comfortable in new scenarios.  We host and supervise puppy playdates to ensure you know what to look for and do to help your dog have a positive experience.

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If you are interested in in-home dog training for your new puppy, sign up for a free consultation! Our trainer will tell you more about our training method. 

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Choose a package that fits your training needs and desires. Schedule two days a week to have 30 minute training sessions in your home with your trainer.  

Keep Training!

Apply the techniques you've learned with TheTreat to advance your dog's capabilities and teach new commands. Keep training and strengthening the bond between you and your dog!


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Jennifer Echols

TheTreat Trainer

Hi!  I approach training with three main objectives: keep it fun, keep it positive, and keep it going!

     Keep it fun: I view training as something you want to do in order to strengthen the bond between you and your dog. Dogs view training as 'play time', a way to impress you, and a nice break in their day; I would like to set you up to think that way too.

     Keep it positive: Backed by experience and research, I believe the most effective way to train and shape behavior is by rewarding good behavior.  I remind owners to find opportunities to set the dog up to be comfortable and perform the behavior that you want. 

     Keep it going: Training a dog is a lifelong commitment. My goal is for owners to view training as fun and positive so they feel like there is always time to work on new skills and refine the basics. 

My goal is to provide dog owners with the tools they need to feel positive, knowledgable and confident about dog ownership.