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New Service: Dog Walking

  • Maybe you come home to a really energetic dog after a long day of work and wish you had someone exercise him during the day.

  • Maybe you are working on training your dog to walk on a leash and you wish someone else would help you out so you don't have to do it alone.

  • Maybe you don't want to pay $40 for a 30 minute walk.

  • Maybe your dog is shy and you want to make sure your dog walker is knowledgable on how to handle nervous dogs.

  • Maybe you want your dog to have more practice walking by distractions like dogs or kids

For those reasons and so many more, TheTreat is now offering dog walking!

I am really excited to offer clients and dog owners the chance to change the game in exercising their dog during the day. You can utilize TheTreat for stimulating your dog in ways that a traditional walker will not. Whether its playing soccer, using a long leash through a trail, advancing leash walking skills, or going to a park, our goal is to tailor the walk to your dog, his interests, his behavior, and your requests.

WHO: For all dog owners

You do not need to be a current client in order to sign up for dog walking, but current and former clients will enjoy the consistency in communication and training to get some real bang for your buck.

WHAT: Dog walking and leash walking training

You can sign up for dog walking or leash walking training. Either way, you can make it your own. You'll be able to make requests about how you want us to spend time with your dog.

For leash walking training, I have trained aspiring dog trainers how to teach your dog to walk on a leash. They will be able to pick up right where you are in your training and reiterate some of those skills that you are working on.

WHEN: Monday through Friday

For now, we are available during the day from about 9am-3pm.

WHERE: At your home, where else!

Your dog, your environment, your training. We are here to help you make your day easier.

WHY: Stimulate mentally and physically

A dog's schedule consists of eat, play and sleep. We are here to help you make the most out of the "play" for your dog during the day. Dogs need different types of play depending on their energy level, breed and interests. We are changing the game in dog walking to give you the opportunity to tailor the time to fit your dog. (It's ok if you just want us to walk them, too!)

  • Choose between dog walking or training

  • Choose your dog walker

  • Choose your time

  • Book!

After you book, you'll touch base with TheTreat to ensure your instructions and requests are received. Your dog walker will communicate with pictures and texts to show you how the time was spent.


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