While the owners are away, the Dogs Shall Play!

Stay at Home

When you are looking for what to do with your dog while you are on vacation, a great solution is to keep them in their home. 

- Minimize stress by eliminating the need to adjust to a new place

- Maintain important routines like eating, house training and bedtime


Train at Home

Dogs thrive on consistency. By training while you are away, you can maintain and advance behaviors that are important to your daily life.

- Provide mental stimulation for your dog while you are away

- Advance commands such as leash walking or jumping

- Do a variety of socialization exercises

How it Works

Reserve Your Day

Go to the online booking page or press the button below. Select Vacay and Train - Dog Sitting and  select the day you are going away. Add more days if necessary.

Add your Training

Want to work on leash walking? Late flight? Navigate back to the online booking page and add training sessions or extra visits to the days you are away.

Feel Safe

Complete a form a week before you leave to ensure we are aware of any special instructions and coordinate training agendas. 


Vacay and Stay

$75 / day

3 visits per day

30 minutes each



Training Session


1 training session

30 minutes



1 visit

30 minutes

Book a visit so your dog won't be alone for too long - either on a vacation day or a Saturday at the beach!