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Terms and Conditions - Play and Train

Play and Train Fee: Client agrees to pay TTHETREAT APP LLC  DBA THETREAT TRAINING a non-refundable fee payable in advance of the actual play and train session.



One Session: $60 (1 session, 3 hours)

Services: Trainer agrees to provide supervision and training to dogs in a group play environment. Trainer will make best efforts to achieve the desired level of walking, training and socialization but makes no representation or warranty as to a particular behavior goals or results.  Client understands and acknowledges that dogs and people have individual responses to such socialization and training and do not respond universally. 

Location: Play and Train sessions are held at THETREAT TRAINING.

Payment: Payments are made only in advance through the website.  Failure to make such payment shall result in cancellation immediately.  Should the trainer come to the residence and payment is not received, Client will be responsible for payment for the session whether the walk occurs or not.  


Cancellation: Cancellation of services are to be given 24 hours in advance.  Failure to do so can result in termination of the session and full liability for payment by client. 

Client Representations: Client represents that the dog is in good health and has received all required vaccinations and general health care treatments prior to walking.  Trainer will make all reasonable and necessary precautions to protect the dog’s safety but is not responsible for conditions existing prior to the commencement of the walk.  Client is responsible for non-disclosure of any material issue concerning the dog’s condition or health.

Responsibility and Indemnity: Client agrees to accept full responsibility for any damages the dog may cause or may suffer either during the play sessions or at any other time as a result of malicious, aggressive or improper behaviors and holds the trainer and THETREAT TRAINING and it agents and employees harmless and free from any liability or any claims by the Client or any guest, family member or other party having contact with the dog due to physical or emotional injury or loss of any property which may in any way be connected to the dog’s walking or behavior. Client further agrees that the Trainer may take photographs of the dogs or the walks for promotional or educational purposes.


Trainer Discretion: THETREAT TRAINING reserves the right to cancel this agreement at any time and for any reason. Trainer can choose to work with or not to work with any dog or client in its sole discretion based on the Trainer's abilities and evaluation of the dog.  The objective of this agreement and the walk is to achieve results that are positive and valuable to the Client and the dog and certain situations can prevent that.  


Agreement: This agreement supersedes all prior discussions and agreements between the parties and expresses the entire agreement of the parties regarding the matter set forth herein.  Client hereby acknowledges and agrees to all terms, conditions and legal provisions as set forth herein and the signature hereon is proof of that acceptance and understanding.

Last updated: May 30, 2024 

TheTreatApp, LLC.

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