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Puppy Training

One on One Training for your New Puppy

For Puppies younger than 6 months
6 Forty Five minute sessions
Training in your home
General Obedience and so much more to prepare you for puppyhood!

Take A Look at the Agenda

A concept driven agenda so dog owners understand how to get your dog to behave a certain way and why. Understanding the 'how' and 'why' allows you to advance the commands and teach new ones post training, as your dog continues to age.

6 Sessions

Meet with your trainer once a week for a total of 6 sessions., all in your home. Sessions are 45 minutes long and are concept driven. 


Don't just use treats, understand how to use your dog's strongest motivator! We'll set you up for success to know when, how and why to use treats for getting behaviors you want.


Learn how to get a dog to go where you want them go and do behaviors like sit, down, bed and off.


Right now, every leaf and stick is the most exciting thing to your puppy. Learn key control commands so your dog pays attention to you in a world of distractions!


Learn about techniques for exposing your puppy to this big wide world! Learn about how to raise confident dogs, starting at puppyhood.

Leave It

Stop eating my rug... and my shoes... and my table! Understand how to teach your puppy what is theirs (and what is not!) in your home.