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Training Exercise: Command Dice

Game: Roll the dice and perform the command shown

What you will need:

- one dice

How to Play

Step 1: Make your own dice with a command on each side of the dice

Step 2: Roll the dice

Step 3: Perform the command shown

Step 4: Repeat

Roll the dice!

Why do it:

Training should be fun and this is a great way to mix up the commands and remove some thinking about what to practice.

Exercise Notes:

- Make the six commands anything you want. I recommend including new and mastered commands.

- Keep advancing the commands or changing the goal if you roll the same command. For example, you can perform Stay for a door one time and Stay for 15 seconds another time.

- Advance the game by adding a standard dice and combine the two results. For example, if you roll Sit and a 5, do Sit five times in a row, maybe even randomizing the treats!


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