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June 2021 Training Goals

Happy June! The sun is shining after a long, rainy weekend and summer is in the air!

This is going to be a big month for training as the pandemic comes to a close and we leave the house more - with and without Max.

Here are my training goals with Max for June:

1. Socialize Max in 2-3 new backyards

Max has been doing well with dogs in our yard. He is such a different dog than he was a year ago. He is more confident (is interested in the dogs coming into the yard), pauses calmly during play (he typically tensed up when the running stopped because he was nervous of what the other dog would do), and co-exists nicely when they aren't playing.

One of my goals is to socialize Max in different yards. I am looking for calm, confident, responsive behavior in a new location. I am not looking for him to play with every dog we go see but I am looking for him to mimic those behaviors I see in my own yard. In order to do that, I need to go slowly, give him distance, check for responsiveness, and adjust according to his signs. Stay tuned!

2. Help Max be alone for 2 hours at a time

Currently Max does well alone for an hour and a half at a time. He goes right into the kennel and rests. After an hour and a half he whines and howls and is overall stressed out. It makes me sad :(

So, we are going to slowly increase that time from 90 minutes to 95 minutes to 100 minutes to 110 minutes, etc. We have a camera to watch him while we are away. He stays in the kennel when we leave.

3. Increase the length of time he walks "with me" when walking by other dogs

This last month, we focused on walking by other dogs. He needed a refresher after the long winter and he is more interested in other dogs with the increased socialization. He currently uses about 5 treats to walk by other dogs and can hold "with me" for about 3-5 steps.

What are your training goals for June? Write them down in the comments! Let me know if you need any help achieving those goals!



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