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July 2021 Training Goals

Max was the MVP of Fourth of July weekend and now that we have both had a few naps, we are ready to reflect on June and prepare for a busy month of training ahead.

Reflecting on June goals first:

1. Socialize Max in 2-3 new backyards

We were able to try out two new backyards and they were different experiences. When Max has enough time to get comfortable in the backyard without the other dog, he is more confident, responsive and ready to play. He gets overwhelmed with a new environment, new people and another dog if it all comes at him at once.

2. Help Max be alone for 2 hours at a time

Max did great alone this month! His new standard is about three hours alone without whining.

3. Increase the length of time he walks "with me" when walking by other dogs

We did not practice this enough :( I would like to devote walks to working on this behavior and currently we work on it ad hoc and we aren't getting enough practice in that way.

Now onto July...

1. Practice Max being alone inside while we are outside

Max likes to be around us, so when we go outside and he needs to inside - it might be too hot for him, we might have company over, etc. - he whines to have us come back. This month we are going to practice some separation. I am going to tell him to go to his place while I go outside and slowly increase the amount of time I am outside.

2. Advance commands off leash

Off leash is the ultimate world of distractions so every command is closer, shorter and uses more luring. This month, I am going to get more practice in off leash so I can expect behaviors to be done from farther distances.

3. Help Tyler feel confident advancing Max's behaviors

Tyler does an awesome job with Max and Max listens to him very well. And, naturally Tyler isn't going to do things just like I do them. But I want Tyler to feel confident in his ability to communicate with Max and know what he is looking for when training. I want to work with Tyler this month on feeling confident with Max doing challenging behaviors such as off leash.

What are your training goals for July? Write them down in the comments! Let me know if you need any help achieving those goals!



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