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April 2021: Socialization Month

April is socialization month at TheTreat. The weather is warm and it is time to get those dogs out of the house. Whether you have a puppy or an adult dog, a shy dog, or a fearless dog, it is time to expose our dogs to new experiences.

What is Socialization?

A well-socialized dog is calm and responsive as they encounter new experiences. You can tell they are comfortable because they act like themselves, respond to their owner, and are confident.

Socialization is all about creating a positive experience for your dog as you expose them to new elements. Socialization helps a dog feel calm, comfortable, and confident as they encounter new things.

Why are we dedicating a month to socialization?

Dogs have arguably reaped the most benefits of the pandemic. They are finding loving homes, their owners are always home, and they are getting lots of attention. However, puppies need exposure to different aspects of the world at a young age, and the pandemic has forced us to shelter our dogs a little more than we usually would during peak opportunities in their development. For adult dogs, in some cases, we have rocked their world by being home all the time and limited their exposure to activities and places. We want to dedicate a month to socialization so dogs feel as comfortable outside of the home as they have inside their homes this past year.

What can you expect for the month of April?

1. Socialization BINGO!

Click here to visit the post with the board and rules for BINGO. The grand prize is awesome!

2. More Puppy Socials

Puppy socials will be held every Saturday in April with the added bonus of some fun themes.

April 17: Water Works - Expose your dog to different ways they can get wet!

April 24: Circus - Watch your dog fly through a tunnel in an agility course!

3. Instagram Questions and Answers

On April 8th and April 20th, I will be on Instagram answering your questions about socialization. These are great opportunities to check-in, let me know how your dog is doing with socialization, and see what other people are doing with their dogs!

What to do if your dog is nervous?

This month is not about throwing your dog into the deep end and hoping they swim. Approach new activities, places, things, people, dogs, etc. while reading your dog's signs. Some signs may include having their tail between their legs, not eating a treat, ears back, and cowering. If they show these signs, then create distance from the thing they are scared of. Keep creating distance until they take a treat, respond to you, and act more like themselves. If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at


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