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Amazon Prime Day Deals for Your Dog

Amazon Prime Day comes through for the pups! They have some great deals on essentials and special treats. I found the deals that will help you with training, stimulation, and more.

An elevated dog bed is great to have for indoor and outdoor training. Dogs who are still learning the purpose of a bed can use this bed indoors, and dogs that exhibit unwanted behaviors outside like digging or barking can use the bed outdoors. This bed has a 4.5 star rating with over 18,000 reviews!

prime day dog

As a dog owner and a dog trainer, I really like the DNA tests for the dogs. Dogs that come from a shelter have interesting stories and the DNA test gives you a little insight into it. It is good information to pass along to your vet and trainer so they can help support you and your dog.

One of my clients got their results this week and passed along the breed makeup of the puppy to me. With the information, I could guide them through a schedule, physical and mental stimulation exercises that would be good for that breed, and prepare them for what to expect in different scenarios of their every day life.

prime day dog

My favorite leash is on sale! This leash is great for all types of training. For nervous dogs, it is a great confidence building tool. For off leash training, it is a great way to gauge how responsive your dog is at different distances. For soccer practice, it is a great way to let your dog run around on a nearby field without pulling your arm out!

prime day dog

These are some of the best treats. You will find them in my blog post about favorite treats. And, they are on Prime Day! Get 'em while they're hot!

If your dog does an unwanted behavior like jumping on guests or counters, you need to address the behavior with a mix of training and management. Gates are the ultimate management tool. In most cases, they allow you to physically block off the dog and eliminate the behavior. This is the best way to NOT reinforce the bad behavior. A freestanding gate allows you to move the gate for different scenarios.

If you have a picky eater, adding something to their food is a way to ensure they eat their kibble. Kibble has all the good nutrients they need for a healthy life so you want them to eat. And, good meal enhancers can help you feel good about adding some extra flavor to entice your dog.


If you have a dog that you worry about when you leave, a camera is a great way to check in on how they are doing. Cameras are especially good for dogs with separation anxiety because you check in on destructive behavior, whining and resting. The camera will help you see how long they can be alone; and then you can keep building off of successful behavior.

For all you puppy owners out there, N-Bone Teething Rings are on Prime Day! These are a great way to appease the teething. They feel great for your dog and are better than eating your shoes.

How fun! A ball that moves around. I can imagine all those puppies loving this toy as they chase it around your kitchens. And, I can imagine all those children enjoying play time with your puppy without getting nipped!

These are some of my favorite "plush" toys because they have an element of mental stimulation to them. These toys are on my shopping list for Max every birthday and holiday season. The fillers are part of Prime Day and I love to hide the toys around the house for hide and seek. Great kid activity!

prime day dog

Snuffle mats are great for mental stimulation. It capitalizes on a dog's love of sniffing. I use them when I can't give Max a lot of physical stimulation in a day, usually due to rainy weather. They are a great way to slow your dog down for meal time or manage them during their rambunctious hour. You can also get the kids involved by letting them hide all the treats or kibble in the mat!

What a great mix of essentials, toys and training tools to prepare for a fun fall!

This post contains affiliate links. If you choose to purchase after clicking a link, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.


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