Drop and Train

Let me help you take your dog to the next level of training

I know how challenging it can be to get to that next level of training for a particular behavior.  Whether it is finding the time or knowing how to challenge the dog, sometimes you need a little help from a friend. 

What is Drop and Train

  • As a dog owner, you decide on a behavior that you want to see advance

  • You drop off your dog with Jennifer, and she performs the training session

  • Jennifer offers consistency, repetition and variation to ensure the dog understands what behavior is expected

  • You pick up your dog 

  • Jennifer shares information about what she did during the training session, how your dog performed and what you can do at home to continue to progress 

Available to current and former customers of TheTreat

$40 per session

Examples of Behaviors

How it Works: Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Leash Walking




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2. Drop Your Dog Off for Training

3. Pick Up Your Dog



Car Rides

Stay / Wait

  • Starting in March! Drop your dog and I perform a training session.

    Monday, Wednesday

    Duration Varies



Tel: 774-290-4244

Based out of Framingham, available in the Metrowest area. If you are unsure if we service your area, please reach out and we can talk about your options!

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