Advanced Training

Personalized Dog Training


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For Dogs Older than 6 months

Advance behaviors such as leash walking, Recall and more

Focus on unwanted behaviors such as jumping, barking, pulling and mouthing

You Drive the Agenda

You have behaviors that you want to work on, let's focus on those!

Individual Session

Book an individual training for all sorts of reasons! 


There may be a command or a specific scenario that your dog is struggling with or you as a dog owner need a refresher on how to train and manage the behavior. For example, you dog might jump on people when they walk in the door.

You may want to get to the next level with a command. For example, leave it is a command that goes past puppyhood and there are a few steps to make sure your dog understands that they need to coexist with items in your house.

Or your dog is doing something totally odd like not walking up the stairs! (looking at you, Boo!)


Classes are 6 thirty minute training sessions in your home.


Dogs take time and need consistency to change their habits. A class will help you stay accountable for working on those behaviors you want changed or advanced.


One unwanted behavior is typically part of a bigger puzzle, a class can give you the opportunity to work on many behaviors that attribute to the unwanted behavior that you are noticing the most.

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